Why study in France...

As we have mentioned, France has been one of the most preferred countries to study abroad in recent years. The main reason for that being top-ranked universities in France. The universities and specialised Grande Ecoles are some of the best higher educational institutions in Europe and the world. Additionally, the courses are offered in the English Language for international students. Basically, it means that one does not have to know French in order to study in France.

Why Study In France

College-oriented cities

At the point when numerous students consider concentrate study abroad in France, Paris is the principal city that clicks in mind. Paris is home to numerous extraordinary schools, however, did you realize that urban areas, for example, Tours and Aix-en- Provence are famous school urban areas for universal students? Tours, found under 2 hours outside of Paris, is known for having the purest French in all of France. For those hoping to perfect their French talking aptitudes, this is a brilliant place to consider. Aix-en- Provence, situated in the south of France, not just brags sunny and warm climate, it is likewise home to a portion of the finest and most seasoned colleges in France. Its history as a school town has attracted a huge number of outside international students for many years to study in France.

The heart of Western Europe
Geographically and socially, France is the focal point of Western Europe. In a matter of a couple of hours, you can visit various European and African nations. This makes weekend trips a practical open door if you spending plan appropriately to travel. When you go outside of France, you’ll find that this nation has a solid social impact-France has constantly made significant commitments to history, expressions of the human experience, the sciences, and legislative issues of Europe.

Rich in History
France is completely authentic. From widely acclaimed art museums to royal palaces and castles saving French plushness and imperial history, to plaques set on regular ordinary structures which stamp recorded occasions, France is an extraordinary place to find French history as well as world history.

Experience joy of living
The French have a specific joie de vivre or delight of living. At in the first place, I didn’t comprehend this social marvel and mixed up it for sluggishness and absence of productivity. I couldn’t comprehend why things weren’t completing faster like they would in the USA. At that point, I understood that while I was racing to get to my next class, my kindred Parisian was getting a charge out of encounters like a decent dinner or a pleasant walk around the garden. Being in France is an affair and to experience it effectively, you should do like the French do and appreciate life.

Becoming fluent in French
Let’s be realistic. Who wouldn’t have any desire to be familiar with French, the language of affection, strategy, and complexity? Regardless of the possibility that your degree is in English, living and contemplating in France is the ideal chance to hone up your French language aptitudes. Many individuals contend that you can just genuinely idealize a language when you live in a country where it is talked. You’ll be submerged in the language in everyday life by ordering sustenance in French, tune into French radio, watch French TV and movies and speak with your companions and associates in French. Be that as it may, you may likewise need to put resources into some French language classes. Once you’ve nailed the language structure, getting to be distinctly familiar ought to be a breeze. Having the capacity to communicate in French is an awesome individual accomplishment as well as a noteworthy aptitude to have on your arrival home where you can inspire your family and companions, also bosses!

Academic Reputation

The French are enthusiastic about higher education and invest heavily in research, which means its colleges reliably perform well in worldwide college rankings. The QS World University Rankings highlight 41 French colleges and the country’s main two organizations, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris and Ecole Polytechnique ParisTech are world popular, positioning 23rd and 40th individually. French business colleges specifically have picked up a reputation worldwide for quality training and an aggressive standpoint. French organizations are likewise exceptionally respected in humanities and expressions subjects.

Higher education is isolated into three cycles or stages: the Premier cycle, two-year course up to DEUG (University degree in general education) level; the Second cycle, third year up to the permit took after by the one-year masters; and the third cycle or higher postgraduate study starting with the Diploma of Higher Studies (DEA) or with the Specialized Graduate Studies – DESS (recognition in a connected subject).

The Grandes schools of engineering and business organization are competitive entrance Higher education establishments offering either four or five-year courses specifically after the Bachelor’s degree or three-year courses following two years of preparatory class (preliminary class) during which students get ready for the selection tests to the Grandes schools. Professional training keeps going a few years after the Bachelor’s degree. Courses might be taken in the Sections of senior technicians – STS where students prepare for the Advanced Technician Certificate – BTS and are likewise educated by the University Institutes of Technology – IUT (polytechnics).

Some instructional classes have exceptional passage necessities and their own particular association study of medicine, pharmacy, and paramedical studies, study of art and architecture, and so forth.

Degrees: Undergraduate studies, Postgraduate studies in France

Undergraduate studies

France has enormously affected the western world for many years and its way of life still assumes an essential part today. France conveys affordable quality education to students everywhere throughout the world, being the fourth most well-known goal for worldwide students.

Bachelor Programs in France

  • Bachelor in International Hotel Management
  • Bachelor in Fashion and Luxury Retail Management
  • Bachelor of Sports Professions
  • Bachelor in International Management
  • Bachelor Social and Solidarity Economy
  • Bachelor in International Data Manager and many more…..

Postgraduate studies

France is among the pioneers in universal graduate training. French colleges are putting forth more of their Master in France programs in English, particularly inside the fields of International Business, Management, Marketing, Economics, and MBA, additionally in fields, for example, International Studies, Engineering, Technology, and Law, to give some examples. With a Master in France, graduates have fantastic open doors for professions in the area and in addition around the globe.

Master Programs in France

  • Master in International Hotel Management – HR and training specialization
  • Master in Finance
  • Master of Business in Sport
  • European Master of Professional Photography
  • Masters in Textile Materials Engineering
  • Master in Global Design
  • Global Entrepreneurship Program and many more..

Institutions: Universities, Colleges,Institutes for International Education

France’s solid academic and masterful custom proceeds in the current; there are couple of nations which put as much in research and training. Worldwide college rankings reflect this; a sum of 39 French colleges are incorporated into the QS World University Rankings 2016-2017, of which 10 are inside the worldwide main 250.

EPITA Graduate School of Computer Science

Established in 1984, EPITA School of Computer Science and Advanced Techniques has been steadily picking up a reputation of excellence among multinational organizations, which frequently recruit students before the finish of their studies. At EPITA, computing and information technologies are viewed as essential subjects and are constantly put with regards to students’ future administrative part and inside the point of view of their position of responsibilities.

As one of France’s leading science and engineering schools, EPITA is focused on guaranteeing that all students have important opportunities for self-awareness and expert accomplishment.

EPITA is an individual from IONIS Education Group, the biggest gathering of private establishments of higher education in France.

Uniting 19 schools under a similar standard, the IONIS Group has about 19,000 students in France, and achieves 200,000 students around the world.

Toulouse Business School

Toulouse Business School was established in 1903 by the Toulouse Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the school’s underlying occupation was to respond to the necessities of the nearby business group for capable business directors.

The Toulouse Business School is in eighteenth position in the year 2009 rankings for the best Masters in Management in the Financial Times Rankings. In year 2007 the Financial Times journalistic “Classes of their Own” positioned Toulouse Business School in 9 th place of European Business Schools in the classification “Best Salaries in Industry”. In 2010, the Financial Times positioned the Toulouse Business School as the sixteenth best Masters of administration on the planet.

Skema Business School

​SKEMA Business School is a private foundation of higher education and research with the legitimate status of a non-benefit relationship under the French “1901 law”.

SKEMA was established in 2009 therefore of the union between the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce, Lille and CERAM Business School, Sophia Antipolis. The Lille school had been​founded in 1892 and CERAM in 1963.

SKEMA is an individual from the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles. The school was approved by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, as an EESPIG (Private Establishment for Higher Education announced to be of pubic value).

IMT Atlantique

IMT Atlantique is a French public “Grande Ecole” in designing (Master level) and research focus in IT and energy. It is the consequence of a merge in January 2017 between Mines Nantes (once Ecole des Mines de Nantes) and Télécom Bretagne (once in the past Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications de Bretagne). The instructive organization is situated in Nantes (Pays de la Loire), Brest, and Rennes (Brittany).

IMT Atlantique, as a public top French higher engineering school consolidating digital technologies, energy, and environmental sectors, proposes engineering degrees fundamentally through projects at Master level.

Types of courses where France really excel

MSc Business Consulting and Information Systems Management is a one year program and its substance has been characterized by a portion of the world’s most unmistakable players in data frameworks with reference to their enrollment needs and those of their important customers

Students will think about courses, for example, Introduction to Business Consulting and Information Systems Management, Globalization, Project Management Fundamentals, Strategy and Organization Consulting, Business Process Management: Methodology and its answers on ERP (SAP), CRM, Innovation Management and Digital Transformation, IT Business Strategy, and so forth

This MSc full-time program is educated over a 12-month term for holders of four-year degrees and as a two-year MSc program to holders of three-year degrees. Two-year program has diverse necessities

Master of Science in Management:

The Master of Science in Management program spins around three measurements: obtaining learning; helping students to pick up and apply corporate-based know-how successfully; and building up a self-improvement extend

Students can choose their elective courses in their area of specialization and furthermore in different specializations offered: Audit – Control, Economics and International Trade Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Finance, Human Resources Management, Information Systems Management

Other popular courses in France

Fashion Design Undergraduate Program at ESMOD is a 3-year bachelor program which permits students to gain great specialized expertise while at the same time creating and refining their inventive capacities

Year one and two classes will concentrate on the basics of ladies’ wear and students will have the capacity to represent considerable authority in their third year in the accompanying regions

Every year closes with third-year students exhibiting their accumulation to a Jury of ESMOD personnel and industry experts

MSc. Tourism, Hospitality and Travel Marketing & Management

The MSc in Tourism, Hospitality and Travel Marketing and Management offers very expert training for universal graduates who wish to concentrate their professional career and get to be directors in the tourism and cordiality industry.

Through a multidisciplinary approach, members in this program will obtain key aptitudes in tourism and accommodation advertising, administration and correspondence, together with a far reaching learning of the new advances applied to the tourism, hospitality and travel plans of action and techniques.

Master of Science in Management:

The Master of Science in Management program spins around three measurements: obtaining learning; helping students to pick up and apply corporate-based know-how successfully; and building up a self-improvement extend

Students can choose their elective courses in their area of specialization and furthermore in different specializations offered: Audit – Control, Economics and International Trade Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Finance, Human Resources Management, Information Systems Management

French Grading System

The Grading System of France grants a zero score for the least on the evaluating scale and a score of 20 for the most elevated on the grading scale.

International scale

French scale


 20 – 16 (Very Good)

(very good, with few errors)

 14 – 16 (Good)

(good, with some errors)

 12 – 14 (Pretty Good)

(satisfactory, with many errors)

 10 – 12 (Passable)


 10 – 12 (Passable)

Main grading system used by higher education institutions

The French grading system ranges from 0 to 20. A score 20 means flawlessness and is for all intents and purposes never given. A score of 19 and 18 are similarly once in a while given. Contingent upon the subject and level, a 16 is a superb grade. In yet different conditions, a 12 may likewise be considered as a magnificent grade.

Study options In France

Admission Requirements:

Higher education in France is quite different from other nations of the world. In France, students keen on higher education need to browse two unique sorts of educational organizations that are Universities and Competitive Institutes (Grandes Ecoles).

For Competitive Institutes

To enter in French competitive institutes, students are required to have baccalaureat or equal recognition.

Students are ranked on the premise of results got from extremely competitive entrance tests. These examinations are led toward the finish of a two-year planning program known as CGPE.

For Universities

For Bachelor Program

Students trying to study undergraduate degrees at colleges and organizations of technology in France must hold a French baccalauréat or equivalent and have passed the college selection test in their nation of origin. Likewise, on the off chance that you are applying for a study program at a foundation of technology in France, you ought to be prepared to attempt a personal interview.

For Master Program:

In the event that you are applying for a master’s program at the college in France, you are required to be in control of an important bachelor’s or equal degree diploma.


The academic year in France usually begins in September or October.

Living In France

Accomodation in France

Before beginning looking into, it is important to decide, as per your monetary means, the term of your stay and the picked sort of studies, to which kind of accommodation you wish to turn.

University Residence

In France, they are territorial student administrations organizations like the CROUS which manage halls of residence. Residences can be arranged on campus or around the local area, room is recognized by extremely strict social criteria.

The residence of the CROUS is by far the most financial choice of accommodation: the month to month lease shift between 120 euros for a basic room up to 350 euros for a studio. This room is in moderately predetermined number and credited first to the scholarship holders of the French government.

Other student residencies

Schools and private division additionally propose room for students. Private foundations and “Grandes écoles” arrange their own rooms, arranged inside their campus.

These foundations make a decent attempt to hold the room for the worldwide students that they invite. Rents are for the most part in the area of 250 and 350 euros a month.

The private student residency

Private residences for students exist in a large portion of the college towns. They offer a high support level and can propose different administrations. These residences are frequently arranged near to campus.

Leasing in a private housing market:

It is the choice which offers most self-sufficiency and Housing adaptability.

This kind of settlement offers you the decision of the place and the sort of room and permits you, for instance, to appreciate animations and exercises of the downtown area.

It will be helpful for self-ruling students and as of now socially all around coordinated.

The lease of an accommodation is made either specifically with a private individual, or through experts, land offices.

Share Accommodation

This choice being developed offers an extraordinary option. The share settlement comprises in imparting an apartment or a house to different students. It is regularly more monetary than an individual lease and can encourage the experience of French students or other international students.

CAF benefit for students

Regardless of whether you are a local French student or an English student on your Year Abroad you might be qualified to get CAF (Caisses d’Allocations Familiales). It’s a sum of cash that is designated to students by the French government to help pay for your student accommodation – the sum being dependent on the type of accommodation and your income. You should have the capacity to get CAF living in any type of accommodation (e.g. a house share, student halls or a private apartment) as long as you are the contracted tenant.

To start the application you should begin gathering a few documents:

  • A photocopy of your passport
  • A professional translation of your birth certificate
  • Your French bank account details
  • A document that demonstrates your tenancy

Accomodation in France

The amount you spend on living expenses in France every month will rely on upon your own way of life and where you plan to take up residence. Deciding on the high life in Paris is probably going to make bigger breaks in any financial plan than unassuming peacefulness in a quiet corner of France.

Paris: nearby of 1,050 and 1,200 EUR/month (at times notwithstanding including the convenience, in the event that you live in a student hall of residence)

Nice: nearby of 700 and 920 EUR/month

Lyon, Nantes, Bordeaux or Toulouse: nearby of 650 and 850 – 900 EUR

For whatever is left of France, you can get by with smaller sums (no less than 600 EUR).

Food Cost

French food is tasty, sophisticated and the normal origination is that it is costly too. That might be on account of the French really esteem each feast and they make it appear as though they are continually commenting something when they eat. In any case, food is not expensive all over France.

One individual can hope to spend by and large around 200 – 250 EUR/month on basic needs in Paris, less in the areas.

The normal cost for a meal at all costly eatery costs between 15 and 20 EUR. In gourmet eateries, menus can be significantly more costly. Desserts are sometimes not detailed on the menu, but rather the most widely recognized are fruit tart, (for example, apple tart, Tarte aux Pommes), crème caramel, dessert (glasses), with costs from 6 to 8 EUR.

A more moderate alternative where you can have a super anyplace in France are the bistros, brasseries and crepe stand. A few bistros serve significant suppers and a crepe can replace lunch and costs are from 2 to 5 EUR.


The cost of a transport or metro ticket may change from 1 – 1.70 EUR, yet numerous urban areas offer discounts in the event that you purchase weekly, monthly, or yearly pass. A monthly pass on transport, metro or tram is typically somewhere close to 17 and 33 EUR.

In Paris, the metro is the least demanding approach to travel and cabs are likewise moderately economical, around 1.25 EUR/km and you would burn through 7 – 10 EUR for a short trip. In Paris, you can likewise lease a bicycle through the Vélib bike rental program, however, Bordeaux is the city in France most bicycle cordial. You can likewise utilize the TGV to visit different urban areas in France for around 20 – 25 EUR a trip.

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3La Rochelle
4Kedge Business School
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7ISC Paris Business School
8Paris School of Business
9ESLSCA Business School
10IMT Business school
11ESSCA Business School
12Toulouse Business School
13EM Normandie
14Montpellier Business School
15EMLV Business School
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