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Germany has long been one of the most preferred study abroad destinations for international students. Study in Germany can prove to be one of the most prestigious pursuits in one’s academic journey. The universities in Germany are a regular feature of QS University rankings for the top universities in the world. In fact, 45+ universities in Germany are ranked on QS among the top 1000 universities of the world. If you are someone who is looking forward to study in Germany, here is all you need to know:

Why Study in Germany

High-Quality Education 

Worldwide students likewise rate German university highly: in a 2012 study, a great 85 percent of the international students expressed that they were satisfied with the nature of the teaching.

Given the aftereffects of some looks into and the German quality point of view, German high instruction is thought to be one of the top-quality training on the planet, close by with American and British. German colleges are considered as world pioneers in medicine and engineering.

Affordable Cost of Study 

One reason why numerous international students prefer to study in Germany is that German colleges are supported by the government and subsequently the greater part of them are either free or with a little educational cost. If funding your education is the main concern for you, German colleges are the main free ones in Europe. Besides, great training makes up a standout amongst the most appealing variables for worldwide students

To live on, students in Germany require around 800 euros for every month. You can win something towards this by getting a job. Students ordinarily don’t need to pay educational cost expenses at German colleges and assuming this is the case, the charges are low. Four-year certification projects are normally educational cost-free at state-funded colleges.

Safe for Students 

Germany is a protected nation – additionally on a universal scale. The police are dependable and help you in each circumstance. Regardless of whether you live in a major city or in the country, you can move day or night without taking any exceptional safety measures.


There are as of now 421 colleges in German. There exist bachelor and master programmes in all study regions. By giving instruction in differing regions going from veterinary to engineering, from aeronautic engineering to business organization, the colleges totally address the issues of international students.

Germany’s advanced education framework has something for everybody! There are right around 450 state-licensed colleges with somewhere in the range of 17,500-degree programs in Germany. General colleges concentrate firmly on a scientifically situated study in an extensive variety of orders. Colleges of applied science, then again, are very practice-oriented. In case you’re more inspired by creative subjects, you can enlist at a school of art, film, or music.

Study in English

An ever-increasing number of courses and degree projects are being offered in English, particularly at the graduate degree level. This is uplifting news in the event that you don’t have the idea about any German or if your German isn’t sufficient yet.

General Life as a student in Germany

When wanting to test oneself to another life abroad, examining in a totally neoteric surrounding Germany is the place to be. For probably the first time, it is ideal inside the heart of Europe so you can encounter odds and ends of each neighboring society very much incorporated in the distinctive German locales. While living in Germany, there are open doors for learning and research, offered by various very positioned German Universities in the worldwide area, because of a remarkable reputation with respect to their openness, straightforwardness, imaginative strategies, and the nature of the studies.

The most ideal approach to demonstrate that is the immense number of international students, around 250,000, who are a part of these colleges as of now. Germany is an open book for individuals who know how to peruse.

Education System In Germany

Numerous advanced education foundations in Germany are at present presenting globally practically identical Bachelor’s and Master’s projects. This implies degree programs finished in Germany and capabilities picked up there are turning out to be universally good. In the meantime, this advancement makes it less demanding for students from abroad to enter and learn at a German advanced education institution.

More multilingual degree projects are being offered; the vast majority of these projects are conveyed in English and update the students for the worldwide business market.

The colleges in Germany are interested in students from all nations. At present in Germany there are around two million enlisted students, 250,000 of them are universal students. With more than 10 % universal students Germany is the world’s most loved place to consider!

Degrees: Undergraduate Studies, Postgraduate Studies

Regardless of whether a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, state exam, or Ph.D. – Germany has an extensive variety of courses and degrees to look over. Every one of your alternatives initially.

A Bachelor’s degree is the main college degree, got following three to four years. Most courses are restricted to a solitary subject, yet twofold Bachelor’s degrees are additionally conceivable. The most widely recognized Bachelor’s degrees are a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), and Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.). A Bachelor’s degree is a completely fledged college degree. It gives you a chance to make a quick beginning in expert life. Anybody hoping to keep concentrate in the wake of finishing a Bachelor’s degree can include a Master’s degree.

A Master’s degree is the second college degree and is finished after a Bachelor’s degree, or following a couple of years in a calling. These courses by and large last in the vicinity of two and four semesters. Most students utilize Master’s degree projects to extend their specialized learning from the Bachelor course, or to spend significant time in a specific field.

Institutions: Universities, Colleges, Institutes for International Education

Colleges of Applied Sciences in Germany

Colleges of Applied Sciences in Germany offer incredible practical relevance and concentrate, all around established academic preparing for degree programs in the field of technology, business, and administration, social studies, media, and design. In the event that you like learning and working in the applied field, then this will be a fascinating alternative for you.

Universities of Art, Film, and Music in Germany

The universities of Art, Film, and Music in Germany are ideal for anybody wishing to transform their creative ability into a profession. The scope of projects stretches out from painting, architecture, and design to directing, music, and drama. The section limit is high, the preparation excellent. Coordinated educating or classes in little gatherings guarantee that the youthful specialists get the completing masterful touches.

Private Universities in Germany

In spite of the high educational cost charges – around 1,800 to 4,700 euros for every semester – private colleges in Germany are turning into a well-known alternative. A portion of the explanations behind this lie in the great reputation: small study groups, solid ties with business and industry, exceptionally reasonable concentration, solid universal introduction, short studies, great professional prospects. In any case, before you sign an agreement with a private college, please ensure that you watch that the college is state-recognized.

Types of Courses Where Germany Really Excellent

Germany is a great place for knowledge. Engineering is one of the best courses in Germany. The high caliber of training and low study expenses are one of the greatest baits for students to go to Germany.

Study in English

An ever-increasing number of courses and degree projects are being offered in English, particularly at the graduate degree level. This is uplifting news in the event that you don’t have the idea about any German or if your German isn’t sufficient yet.

Germany is a remarkable study goal if your fancied decision of a subject is engineering. Accommodating the way that Germany offers incredible instructive potential outcomes for national and international students alike, with low to no educational cost expenses and extraordinary grounds way of life, the nation is getting to be distinctly overwhelming for thriving students and future specialists.

There are more than 3,000-degree programs in Engineering at German universities. The professional prospects are great, they greatly rely on upon your own capabilities.

Other Popular Courses in Germany

Bachelor Study Programs

  • Agriculture Business
  • Art and Cultural Management
  • Automation and Control Engineering
  • Business Administration
  • Business Economics
  • Cruise Tourism Management
  • Hospitality Management
  • Tourism Management
  • Master Study Programs

Master Study Programs

  • Accounting and Controlling
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Laboratory Animal Science
  • International Management
  • Global Marketing Management
  • International Business
  • Germany’s Grading System

Initial, one needs to interpret the school endorsement or report into the German grades for the application to the German college. Second, it is essential to understand the grades one accomplishes during his or her studies for different applications and to pass the exams.

There are two diverse grading frameworks in Germany. The first contains grades from one to six. One means great, six means exceptionally poor. In the event that one accomplishes just the grade four or more terrible he or she didn’t pass the exam. This framework is primarily utilized as a part of Germany. It is utilized as a part of the school from the primary year till year ten and it is likewise utilized at advanced schools and colleges.

International Grade

German Scale

A (excellent)


B (very good, with few errors)


C (good, with some errors)


D (satisfactory)


E (sufficient, minimum passing mark)


An expanding number of students at German colleges originate from abroad. In 2014, 301,350 outside students were selected in Germany. That is a record: as contrasted and 2013, the number has ascended by seven percent.

This is the finding of the review “Wissenschaft weltoffen”. The report was created by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) in participation with the German Center for Higher Education Research and Science Studies (DZHW). It was subsidized by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the Federal Foreign Office.

The review found that Germany is currently the third most well-known host country for international students, after the United States and Great Britain. Master’s students specifically are keen on considering in Germany: in the previous five years, the quantity of them enlisted at German colleges has dramatically increased from 30,675 to 61,931.

Where do International Students come From

  • China (28,381)
  • Russia (11,126)
  • India (9,372)
  • Austria (9,305)
  • Bulgaria (6,741)

Most Popular field of study among International Students

  • Engineering sciences
  • Engineering sciences
  • Languages, cultural studies, and sport
  • Mathematics, natural sciences

Art, art studies

By 2020, the goal is for no less than 350,000 worldwide students for each year to be taught at Germany’s colleges. On the premise of the present figures, the Education Ministry predicts that this objective may even become before 2020.

Quality of Education

German Universities provide first-class education and a formal degree, which is recognized worldwide. German Universities have excellent higher education staff members and infrastructure. German university provides education in both the languages German and English.

Study Options In Germany

Choose a University

There are three types of universities available in Germany.


This university provides research based education. These group of universities are main figures of German Science.

Applied Science Universities

German Universities of Applied Sciences are professional oriented Institutions and they focus on Engineering,

Fine Arts,Film and music Academy

This type of universities gives education on certain areas. The most superior fine art education is studied in Germany.

Choose the most suitable university according to your requirements and your future career goals.

Admission Requirements

Before applying to a university, check out your current qualification recognized by your choosen university. For study in Germany you need higher education entrance qualification.

For prospective undergraduate students, a high school diploma, school leaving certificate is sufficient. You should also check language requirements.

If your course is in English language you need to prove your knowledge of language with a test as IELTS or TOEFL.

Living In Germany


Students in Germany either live in an students hall of living arrangement or a private accommodation. We suggest finding a settlement before you arrive in Germany. You’ll in all likelihood need to discover a place to live all alone, on the grounds that rather than different nations, German colleges don’t consequently relegate rooms to students when they enlist.

Contingent upon where you study and what your monetary circumstance resembles, it may not be anything but difficult to discover settlement. Thusly, begin looking as ahead of schedule as conceivable – in a perfect world before you land in Germany.

There are a few student halls of living arrangement in each college town. A room in a living arrangement hall is habitually the most moderate convenience you will discover.

Like somewhere else, private facilities can shift tremendously. In Germany you will discover everything from exhaust rooms to completely outfitted pads available. You can lease a room or a whole flat. There are additionally rooms accessible in flat shares.

The International Office at the college can give counsel and helpful data to finding a place to live.

Cost of Living

Contrasted with other European nations, the typical cost for basic items in Germany is very sensible. The costs for nourishment, accommodation, clothes, social occasions, and so forth are essentially in accordance with the EU average. You will require around 800 euros a month to cover your everyday costs. The biggest cost is your month to month rent.

Students require around 800 euros for each month to take care of the expense of living in Germany. In huge urban communities, expenses can differ extensively relying upon where you live. You should anticipate spending more on living and examining in Munich than in Leipzig, for instance. When in doubt, students can live on less cash in littler urban communities than in bigger ones. Normally, the measure of cash you need will at last rely on upon how monetarily you live.

Except Your housing rent your other expense costs are like for food and drinks €165; for clothing €52;for learning materials €30;for your transportation it costs €82;for medical it costs around €66;for your phone, internet it costs around €33; €68 for your culture, sports.

Cost of Living

If you are thinking about study in Germany, you need to have medical insurance. You should show verification of medical insurance when you select at college and apply for a residence permit. Make a point to deal with your medical insurance status before you come to Germany.

The main thing you should do is to see if your medical insurance policy in your country of origin is additionally valid in Germany.

Private local and outside medical insurance approaches from different countries may likewise be perceived in Germany. You should ask about the subtle elements with your medical insurance supplier before leaving home. In the event that your medical insurance policy from your country of origin is perceived, then you will require affirmation that you are exempted from general health care insurance scope when you enlist.

If your medical insurance approach from your nation of origin is not perceived in Germany, you should agree to accept scope in Germany. A general medical insurance policy costs around 80 euros a month until you achieve the age of 30 or have finished your fourteenth semester at college. From that point forward, the month to month premium hops to 160 euros or more for every month.

1Jacobs University, Bremen
2SRH Hochschule (Berlin and Hamburg Campus)
3Hochschule Bremen – International Graduate Centre, Bremen
4International School of Management, Dortmund
5International University of Applied Sciences – IUBH, Berlin/Bad Honnef
6Cologne Business School, Cologne
7Arden University, Berlin
8GISMA Business School, Hanover
9New European College, Munich
10EU Business School, Munich
11Accadis University of Applied Sciences, Bad Homburg, Hamborg
12Berlin School of Business and Innovation
13University of Applied Sciences Europe, Hamburg
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